Honestly, I know a lot more high-tech words than this now. #vscocam #oldconbuttons

By extension, an animated GIF is worth 10,000 words… #vscocam #oldconbuttons


I love you.

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There was a time when this was true, them I converted. Now I just watch my tongue. #vscocam #oldconbuttons

This goes way back to the purple dinosaur and pre-kids. Now the kids are older, so he’s fair game again. #vscocam #oldconbuttons

Two memories. 1) CompUSA and a time when 128MB was big enough for anything useful. #vscocam

Waking up on Monday, DOS 5.0 style. #vscocam #oldconbuttons

Is Butter Good for You? Or Bad? What Does Science Say?
Written by Rochelle Bilow, bonappetit.com

We love but­ter, but does it love us back? Every study about its effects on our health (there are a lot of them) seems to say some­thing dif­fer­ent, and we’re left feel­ing torn and con­fused as we lov­ing­ly fold but­ter into our kouign…

Butter, what could be better? Mmmm bacon. #fb

Speaks for itself. #vscocam #oldconbuttons